See Nepal In The Doctor Strange Trailer

The trailer release of the MARVEL’s Doctor Strange has literally got everyone talking! Everyone is talking about it for very different reasons; there’s the MARVEL fans, Benedict Cumberbatch fans (or Cumburbitches as some refer to themselves) and there’s Nepali people all over the world who are pretty stoked to see Nepal featured in the trailer. Hopefully we will see more of Doctor Strange in the next few months. Unfortunately, it is quite a long wait as the film will only release in cinemas on November 4, 2016.

The trailer looks sooo intriguing! Slightly giving me INCEPTION feels too which is a great thing as that film was pretty amazing. I believe we might just be seeing quite a few Nepalese faces in the film as extras as quite a few people who I know here (in the UK) took on roles of extras during the shoot at Pinewood Studios. Apparently, the studios created a mini-Thamel where they did quite a lot of the filming. Sounds mindblasting yaaah!

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  1.  Zoe September 16, 2012 Thanks a lot for subbing this movie. Could you please send me another download link it won’t download on my computer and the movie takes a long time to buffer. Thanks very much for your help

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