New Playground For The Wealthy: MEGHAULI SERAI Luxury Lodge In Chitwan

Meghauli Serai, a luxurious lodge set in the outskirts of Chitwan National Park marks the re-entry of Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces in Nepal. The luxury lodge opened last week after facing a delay in 2015. The Chaudhary Group (CG) Hotels and Resorts property signed a management contract with Taj where it will operate under the groups luxury brand Taj Safaris. Meghauli Serai offers a presidential suite ‘Rapti Mahal’ with its own private viewing deck and plunge pool, 16 luxury villas ‘Rapti Villas’ with private plunge pools and 13 standard rooms ‘Meghauli Rooms’.


The new super luxury property with an investment of Rs 700 million was described by managing director of CG Hotels and Resorts as an “ultra-luxury resort”. Chaudhary shared with The Kathmandu Post “We aim at creating a new market by offering a superior product”.

A night at the Meghauli Serai currently starts from $250-300 per night for the Meghauli Rooms and the Rapti Villas. The normal price will come into effect from Autumn with the Rapti Mahal at $1500 per night followed by Rapti Villas at $700 and Meghauli Rooms at $500.


The promo video which stars Shristi Shrestha and Prasan Chawla looks AMAZING! Love IT! I hope Meghauli Serai also brings the best working practice and positive action in the community; one that respects the local customs and way of life and also encourages sustainable practices for Chitwan, the wildlife and the Tharu community.

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