Watch Nepali Personalities React To Agriculture Minister Crying!

CHANNEL ARBITRARY has burst into the YouTube scene and already received quite a welcome! Their first Nepal Reacts video asked Nepali personalities what their take would be if Dhaka Topi was made compulsory in Nepal and it drew a range of feedback! Of course that won’t be happening – it’s just a made up question but it’s definitely entertaining to watch how some react to the question.

The Nepal Reacts videos drop every Tuesday and their latest one focuses on the clip of Nepali Agriculture Minister crying after watching a film. Whether it’s real emotions or reel emotions; we won’t know – but do watch the video clip to see the amusing way people reacted.

I am confused by the crying video. A little speechless. Lol. Love some of the reactions to it.

Visit the Channel Arbitrary page on YouTube for their Me and My Guitar feature too!

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