GENDER PROUD – LGBTI Fashion Show in Kathmandu (VIDEO)

If you look hard enough then you can always find something interesting to attend or be part of in Kathmandu. Whether it’s talk-events, sports, arts & crafts or a good night out in the city; there seems to be something happening every weekend. 

GENDER PROUD took place at the popular Kathmandu joint Trisara on May 7 with an aim to support the LGBTI community in Nepal. The event which was presented by GHAITO featured a fashion show with individuals from the LGBTI community. They not only strutted the runway but also gave an introduction to the eager audience.

There are several models and well-known figures from the LGBTI community in Nepal who have appeared in many magazines, fashion-shows and other forms of media. It is positive to see progress and acceptance of variously identified individuals in wider society. A persons sexuality should not limit them from opportunities if they are capable of delivering the required task. It is definitely encouraging to see that there are many people who are supportive and have made this journey smoother for different people.

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Lex Limbu
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