Nepal Reacts To Ma. Pa. Se. (Zero Tolerance Drink Driving)

These two guys are SO going to be the next big thing from the Nepali YouTube scene! I love vlogs and people talking in general so unsurprisingly Nepal Reacts has definitely caught my attention for all the best reasons. This new Nepal Reacts video has Anup and Avash asking people what they think about the Ma. Pa. Se. rule… which I believe is the governments initiative towards stopping drink driving in Kathmandu. The 0% tolerance has affected many! From business owners to those wishing to hit the city with their friends.

A variety of people have shared their reaction in the video! What do you think about the Ma. Pa. Se rule or how has it affected you? Let me know!

Stay safe! Drink responsibly! If you don’t think you can drive then get a cab! You never know what might happen. Drive safe.

PS. The man who said that he heard some hospital is closing down? Lol was that for real? Or else, the dude is seriously funny. Sarcasm at its finest.

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  1. I think drinking and driving is not good. Ma. Pa. Sea.rule of Nepal government is not according to the international scenario. They should amendment it like in the other countries.
    And other important issue is about the options for people who do Ma. Pa. Sea. Public vehicle should be more assessable on any time. If we want to go home drinking we have no option. Take a taxi or walk. Nepal Police only make rule without any option.
    Like the Ma. Pa. Sea. Nepal police should work on the Public transport management with Zero tolerance.
    You can Stop public vehicle in any place just like in the middle of road. which also create accident.
    Then why only Ma. Pa. Sea.? Need a Zero tolerance in every rule.

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