Sahana Bajracharya and Malaika Arora Khan Take A Selfie

How is it that Malaika Arora Khan does not look a day older from the moment we saw her dancing on top of a train with Shah Rukh Khan for Chaiiya Chaiiya in Dil.. Se??? What is her secret? She looks stunning in this selfie next to our very own Sahana Bajracharya. The Namaste TV host shared her selfies with Malaika on her Instagram adding “She be so amazing”. Judging by the photos from AmarPanchhi and recently uploaded videos on YouTube, the Bollywood Bombshell and I guess the Queen of Item Numbers Malaika really seems to have entertained the crowd in Tundikhel on Saturday evening.

Instagram @SahanaVajracharya
Instagram @SahanaVajracharya

Check out Sahana Bajracharya’s Instagram @SahanaVajracharya for more photos!

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