Nepal Army Under Criticism For Welcoming Bollywood Stars!

The Nepal Army has come under heavy criticism for its involvement in welcoming Bollywood stars Sonakshi Sinha and Malaika Arora in Kathmandu on Friday, May 13 for the event AmarPanchhi organized by the Nepal Army Wives Association. The Nepal Army has come under fire from the public on various social media platforms as well the maha-nayak Rajesh Hamal who shared “Nepal Army: The Pride of the Nation….But
when I read today’s news my pride as a citizen has been shattered….as an humble artist of this nation I feel humilated…If they had to receive the artists from abroad they should have done in plain clothes” publicly on Facebook.

According to Setopati, the Ministry of Defense has asked the Nepal Army for a clarification behind the move. When I saw photos of Sonakshi Sinha being escorted out by uniformed Nepal Army soldiers, even I was bemused by it. Slightly over the top and irrelevant maybe? Maybe the organizers should send bulky men in plain clothes next time.

I know there’s a saying in Nepal that we treat our guests like gods but I am sure the Nepal Army have better things to do than welcome celebrity guests at the airport. What do you think about it all? Was it okay for Nepal Army (and we’re talking senior officials of NA) to welcome the stars? Should they be spending their energy elsewhere?

To read more, here’s the main report from Kantipur Daily – click here. You can also read another Kantipur Daily report on Rajesh Hamal’s statement, here. To read an English report from Setopati, click here.

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