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Apologies in advance about the rude words.

There seems to be a controversy in the Nepali webosphere every other week which makes this podcast a perfect fit for you to listen to. Boju & Bajai kick start their first episode talking about Bears and Whores. You want to know the first line? “Malvika Ji, Suhaag raat ko sex ko pani photo upload garnu na”.

The podcast is quite an entertainer and no, it doesn’t just talk about what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter but important things such as cyber bullying, critical discussions on the internet, how women continue to be viewed or labelled and they also provide a lovely analysis and facts and figures found from what I can only assume to be wider reading. Quite perfect for you to go on a Google-spree afterwards. It’s honest and quite refreshing especially at a time when one has to be super-careful and considerate about sharing their views.

The ladies have asked; what is a male equivalent to the term ‘bhalu’? I could only think of ‘boka’… and is it “rando” or “randa”. I always thought it was “randa” for a guy.

Wrapping this blogpost up!

PS. Looking forward to hearing Episode 2! And about online trolls and hate; I believe it’s also there for individuals who are different by ‘normal standards’.

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