Designer SANYUKTA SHRESTHA’s Support For Same-Sex Brides

The stunning new 2017 SANYUKTA SHRESTHA collection is here and these promotional photos look exquisite! With these photos and the new collection, the designer has taken a stand and tried best to raise awareness about same-sex brides as well as establishing herself as a gay friendly supplier who is more than happy to help couples find their dream wedding attire. I am so pleased to see this! The new collection was launched just two days before the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Sanyukta-Shrestha-Bridal-Same-Sex (2) Sanyukta-Shrestha-Same-Sex-Designer

The high-end bridal designer is known for her unique eco-friendly wedding dresses. She has won many international and national awards till date and continues to establish and maintain links with Nepal from London through various skill-development programmes to the ongoing support for Nepal Earthquake Aid Relief (10% of all purchases from Eco Goddess and Ameya Flower Girl Collection).

Sayukta-Shrestha-Same-Sex-Wedding-Dress Sanyukta-Shrestha-Same-Sex-Designs Sanyukta-Shrestha-2017-Collection-1 Sanyuka-Shrestha-2017-Collection Sanyukta-Shrestha-Bridal-Same-Sex (1) Sanyukta-Shrestha-Bridal-Same-Sex (3)

Prices for a Sanyukta Shrestha bridal wear range from £1000-£6000.

Beautiful photos! Loveee the jumpsuit! Classy!

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