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The recently launched KOKO KTM joins the growing number of online fashion stores operating through Facebook and Instagram in Nepal. With the tagline Be KOKO, the styles and the outfits on sale are a little different than what most online shops have on offer. In my view, KOKO KTM’s collection looks classy, clean and simple. Minimal fashion at it’s best.

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The online women’s fashion store is currently only available through Facebook and Instagram. They offer their delivery service to Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal with Kathmandu deliveries taking 1-2 days only. Prior to the launch, the team at KOKO KTM went to South East Asia to make sure they picked the best for KOKO! The immaculate presentation of KOKO KTM has won quite a number of shoppers already. Items on KOKO KTM range from Nrs 600-Nrs 6000; make sure you drop them a message if something catches your eye! I have been told they fly off the screen.


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