Catch Up With Samriddhi Rai’s SAMMY ADVENTURES Here!

I’ve just managed to catch up with SAMMY ADVENTURES and all I can say is, she has been having tonnes of fun. The past few episodes of Sammy Adventures has travelled to Bandipur, Bhotekoshi and the most recent to Pokhara! From rock-climbing, rafting, caving, bungee-jumping to zip-lining, Miss Rai is doing it all!

I love Bandipur and it was certainly a pleasure to see the beautiful Bandipur Bazaar on Sammy Adventures. Likewise, The Last Resort and Pokhara episodes are incredible! Pokhara is a destination with so much to do! You just need a thick wallet of course 😉

Let me know what you would like to do the most?

I haven’t done the water-balling out of all of these activities and I hope to do that some-time soon. Looks like light fun.

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