Nepali Guy Coming Out – VIDEO!

Here’s a heartwarming video of Sagar (Legendary Saga on Youtube) coming out and sharing that on YouTube! This is probably one of the very few Nepali coming out stories that I’ve read or watched on YouTube. It’s a brave action and one that I believe will inspire many others who may be facing a tough time coming to terms with their sexuality or being themselves around people.

I am proud of Sagar and I agree with the things that he shares in the video. No matter how difficult it may be, it does get better but you also have to take the step in accepting yourself and believing in yourself. A gay man getting married to a woman for the sake of family and society may in the long-term go on to hurt not just himself but somebody else too.

Coming back to Sagar, I am so happy that he has shared his coming out story online. We’ve seen and watched so many coming out stories from YouTubers, musicians, actors – mainly Hollywood stars and it’s wonderful to have someone who’s from Nepal, who could be your friend, your brother – anyone – sharing their story.

To many more; be comfortable in your skin. Own it. Be it.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. It’s completely fine to accept ourself who we are and should be proud of it. Good luck fr yr future days ♡♡

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