Media Personality SANJAY GUPTA All Set To Make Cinema Debut With SAFAR

He’s one of the busiest MC’s, a staple voice at Radio Kantipur and equally familiar on TV, Sanjay Gupta will be making his Nepali cinema debut on September 30 with the road-trip film SAFAR. The film by Ashish Shrestha follows the story of three friends on a road trip from Dallas to San Francisco! It already looks like a tonne of fun!

SAFAR took sixty days to film across the US and along with Sanjay, the film stars Manan Sapkota, Nurja Shrestha and Shibir Pokharel. As the trip progresses their stories unfold, collide and inspire. Of course, the boys also hit Vegas! I wonder what sort of story unfolds in Vegas 😉

In SAFAR, the popular media personality plays the character of GAURAV, a complete extrovert who is a fun-loving, honest and at the same time a little vulnerable and very mischievous.

The teaser of SAFAR hit the web on Thursday, June 30. The coming of age drama is a production by Nepalis living in USA. Okay if this is the teaser then I can’t wait for the trailer!

PS. Sanjay will be making a TV comeback soon!

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