Nepal Airlines To Fly To Dubai After Four Years!

Nepal Airlines will be connecting Kathmandu to Dubai after a four years gap! The national airline is in preparation to restart Kathmandu-Dubai service from the 18th of August. The state airline previously flew the route until 2012 citing fleet reliability issues.

Great move Nepal Airlines! What a turn-around. At present only FlyDubai Airlines offers Kathmandu-Dubai flights. Hopefully, Nepal Airlines will be able to attract many Nepali and non-Nepali flyers as they travel for business or leisure. The airline will have three flights per week between the two cities.

The national airline also hopes to connect Kathmandu to Guangzhou in China in October and Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Nepal Airlines is also in talks to bring in two new Airbus A330s. Managing director Sugat Ratna Kansakar shared to Gulf News that with the arrival of the new aircraft, the airline hopes to have a direct flight to Japan and South Korea.

Yesss!! Get those destinations Nepal Airlines!!

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