TRAVEL NEPAL : Garmi Se Behal, Chalo Nepal Campaign

In a bid to bring back tourists Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has re-launched its promotional campaign “Garmi Se Behal, Chalo Nepal”  targeting tourists from India. The NTB also organized a travel roadshow in Mumbai earlier in July where eight travel agents from Nepal interacted with Indian counterparts.

Many Indian tourists visit Nepal for the purpose of pilgrimage tours, casino breaks, culture and heritage and also trekking. Nepal Airline currently connects Kathmandu to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Air India, Bhutan Airlines, Buddha Air, Druk Air, IndiGo and Jet Airways connect Kathmandu to different cities in India.

Hopefully the campaign and NTB do their magic to promote Nepal in India! Let’s get the tourism industry rising.

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Lex Limbu
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