New Service Brings You One Call Away From A Doctor

At a time when you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is travel around the city to see a doctor and even that will probably consist of waiting to get an appointment and seeing the doctor for a mere few minutes until you’re rushed out the door. Hoping to usher a difference in this doctor and patient environment is the ‘Doctor at Home’ service where you’ll be just one call away from a doctor!

Doctor at Home is currently available to residents living in Kathmandu and some of the services they provide are Doctor Consultation, Physiotherapy, Lab Tests, Care+ Packages, Monthly Prescription Delivery and Vaccinations. The service is partnered with Green City Hospital and Krown Laboratory and Referral Center.

Doctor at Home currently comes with three types of package; Basic, Standard and Premium. You will see what each package offers in the figure below.

The Basic Package will cost you Rs. 1500 per month. The Standard Package will cost you Rs. 5000 per month. The Premium Package will cost you Rs. 10000 per month.Doctor-At-Home-Nepal-Package

Even though I have yet to try this service, I do think it’s very good for the convenience it provides – especially if you or a family member happen to prefer receiving care in the comforts of your home or are not able to venture out and about as easily.

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