Subina Shrestha’s Earthquake Coverage Nominated For An EMMY Award!

Some incredible news right here! Nepal based Al Jazeera News correspondent Subina Shrestha is amongst the 2016 INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS NEWS & CURRENT AFFAIRS NOMINEES! Subina has landed the nomination for her coverage of the Nepal earthquake 2015. 

Besides the earthquake coverage, Shrestha has shown incredible wit in the past through her reports on the Madhesh unrest, the health system in Nepal and features on the struggles of every day Nepalis. I first came across her work through her documentary Birth in Nepal and I was instantly captured by her style of reporting. Subina is also a Nieman Fellows 2016/2017 at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.

She’s up with seven other nominees from six different countries who have reported on the Migration Crisis, the ISIS and more. Winners will be announced on the 21st of September during the ceremony in New York.

Amazing news and well deserved for one of Nepal’s most noted journalist and correspondent.

Get to know more by visiting her official site.

Subina’s profile on the Al Jazeera website reads:

Subina Shrestha began her career in newspapers, and then became a documentary film maker. Her films have received several awards and been screened at festivals worldwide. She started working in TV news after Al Jazeera English launched in 2006 and has worked in several countries including India, Thailand and Myanmar. She won the Concentra Award for Outstanding Video Jouralism for her coverage of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis.

Subina lives and works in her native Nepal and focuses on social issues, as well as on the political changes gripping the country.

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