Rastriya Bhauju To Rastriya Achar – Some Funny Nepal Ka Rastriya Kura Haru

Okay, so the most recent video by Random Nepali I stumbled across happens to talk about Nepal Ka Rastriya Kura Haru and it is pretty funny. I definitely like the Nepal ko Rastriya Achar, Rastriya Khel and Rastriya Job! I mean, I am sure we all have someone on our Facebook who works at “MFashionista” or someone with “Works at ‘tero bau le jagir deko cha ra”. Amusing to say the least.

I think we can totally agree that Nepal’s Rastriya Dai is Rajesh Dai! Lol. So hilarious. Gotta love the Rastriya Motto at the end. So much satire!

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