Cushions That Will Add Personality To Your Living Room!

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So these printed cushions that I am holding onto are from Ekadesma store in Thamel! The ones I have with me features a Limbu woman and a Newari woman but you will be able to find several other cushion covers like these with women representing different communities. There is even one of Prithvi Narayan Shah.

ekadesma-tshirt-nepal ekadesma-tshirt-nepal-1 ekadesma-dresses

Ekadesma sell a good selection of tees, dresses, candles, frames, shirts, bags (and more) that are made in Nepal. The products have a pretty nice finishing which sometimes is a rarity when it comes to products that are produced in Nepal. The quality goods are not only made in Nepal but their production also supports local artists, artisans and have created employment opportunities for a number of women. The production of the paper bags and clothes at Ekadesma has provided employment for many women from different backgrounds.

ekadesma-shop-bags ekadesma-shop-clothes

A business with a kind heart and a creative edge! I hope they come out with more finely made tees, shirts and fashion accessories for men and women in the days to come.

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