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THITO ALERT started after RAMRI ALERT, a very light feature on the blog where I picked somebody who looked great on camera, could pull of a pose or two and are possibly individuals pursuing fashion, modelling, acting and similar arts. Whilst the feature is rarely updated mainly because I don’t want to feature many and turn this into a blog that promotes models, I have got a new figure for the post today!

If you’re a follower of Nepali cinema and models then you’ll have seen his pictures, possibly watched his films and even be a follower on his social media! Twenty four year old Sushil Shrestha began as a model and also participated in Manhunt International Nepal. The model made his debut with the film Hostel Returns in 2015 which went onto become a commercial success.

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He’s definitely a Thito Alert material and somebody who we will probably see more of as he prepares for his upcoming releases. Sushil answered 15 Questions for the blog from his childhood ambition, food likes to revealing who he would be if he was an actress.


LEX: Where were you born?

SUSHIL: I was born in Kathmandu.

LEX: What did you want to be when you were young?

SUSHIL: A soldier in the British Army.

LEX: What’s your next film and it’s release date?

SUSHIL: I have Karkhana on December 13th and Saayad 2 on March 24th.

LEX: Name one actor you would like to work with from the Nepali Film Industry?

SUSHIL: Anup Baral Sir

LEX: How many hours do you spend in the gym?

SUSHIL: About 1 hour and 30 minutes.

LEX: Food you avoid?

SUSHIL: Spicy Food!

LEX: Food you need to have?

SUSHIL: Eggs and chicken breast.

LEX: The perfect Friday consists of?

SUSHIL: Travelling to a relaxed and peaceful place away from the valley.

LEX: You spend most time…

SUSHIL: Watching movies

LEX: The last song you listened to?

SUSHIL: Deurali Dada by Bipul Chhetri

LEX: The last person you text?


LEX: The first thing you do in the morning?

SUSHIL: Drink a bottle of water

LEX: If you were a female actress you would be?

SUSHIL: Emma Watson

LEX: Attention from fans to you is?

SUSHIL: Source of inspiration and motivation

LEX: Your ideal film role would see you…

SUSHIL: Doing anything that is challenging and different to the role that I have already done.

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