Thames Dance Club’s cover of the super popular song NIRA JAILE RISAUNE from the film Purango Dunga makes an adorable watch with some cool choreography and plenty of fresh faces. I found the video super-duper amusing because if you really look into it, it’s the biggest advertisement for Thames International College Kathmandu – notice the pop-up stands in the background. I mean, they’re really hitting two birds with one stone! They even did a dance video of HAPPY back in 2014! They’re really on it man! Lol.

And you know, the video genuinely looks nice and fun. I’m sure a 16 year old me would probably write Thames International College on the list of colleges to apply for if I saw a video like this back then. Before you assume – this post is not a promotional ad for the college.

Anyways’ enjoy their dance and I hope those of you who celebrated Tihar had a wonderful time!

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