Dr Baburam Bhattarai To Talk Corruption And Reconstruction At The LSE Next Week!

Yes you read it right! The former Prime Minister of Nepal will apparently give a talk on his “current engagements including his work on anti-corruption measures, post-Earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation, and the role of the youth in Nepal today”. The word that came to my mind as I read the line (in quotation) was “what?”. Anti-corruption, post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation? What? When? Where?

Well the main man himself will be there at the London School of Economics next week on Monday 14th November from 6.30PM-8PM. The talk will be chaired by Professor Michael Hutt (SOAS) and will also have anthropologist Dr Dan Hirslund. The Naya Shakti party leader will also have an interaction event in Aldershot on Sunday!

I hope our many young people go out to Aldershot on Sunday and LSE on Monday not just to hear him but to raise important critical questions. I’d be critically asking him about his recent journey from China to Hong Kong – amusing statements by someone who believes in equality for all.

LSE Event Details: Monday 14th November 2016, 6:30-8pm, Room 2.04, NAB.

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