Jerusha Rai Shares SWAY From HEERA HARAYO

Jerusha Rai has shared her latest art titled SWAY and it is giving me major feels! SWAY is from Passé Pictures upcoming psychological thriller HEERA HARAYO. You may have seen Passé Pictures/Shirish Gurung’s shorts previously, they’re beautifully mindboggling. Jerusha sounds flawless as usual and might I add that watching that video takes you a few decades back in time too. Very melancholy vibe!

The lady on screen, the Miss UK Nepal 2011, traveller, the doer – Gaumaya Gurung is presented like never before! So intriguing to see. The film also stars Natasha Limbu and Tenjing Khambachey, both actors have previously featured in a short directed by Gurung.

Really looking forward to Heera Harayo! Can it come soon!

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Lex Limbu
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