Nikun Shrestha And Jyotsna Yogi Come Together In RK Square’s MAUSAM Video!

The ‘Launa Ho’ singers RK SQUARE are back with another future hit. MAUSAM is the latest melodious track from their album Launa Ho. The UK based Nepali band released their new video yesterday. The video has been directed by Naren Limbu and features DJ/actor Nikun Shrestha and model/actress Jyotsna Yogi.

The simple video that does little to capture the imagination successfully uses the models to capture the attention of the viewers. The real life friends Jyotsna Yogi and Nikun Shrestha look very comfortable on screen and can I just add how hot Nikun looks in the video overall. Somebody sign him up to endorse some brands – a perfume maybe? He really has that exotic look on point!

To know more about RK Square – you can watch their recent interview on The Inspire Nepal show!

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Lex Limbu
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