Promising Start For iPhone 7 Sales In Kathmandu!

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus seems to be off to a promising start in Nepal with 1800 units sold in just three days. Kathmandu’s Generation Next Communications is the appointed authorised distributor of Apple Products in Nepal and shared the figures to Nepal’s Republica Daily!

Some key differences are that the iPhone 7 has an incredibly bright screen, you can get it in five different colours, they now have the swanky new wireless earbuds and speed that is twice as better than the iPhone 6! Oh and it takes a splash, lol.

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iPhone 7 Prices in Nepal

32GB – NRS 92,000

128GB – NRS 108,000

256GB – NRS 122,000

iPhone 7 Plus Prices in Nepal

32GB – NRS 113,000

128GB – NRS 127,000

256GB – NRS 138,000

Now that’s a phone I won’t be queuing up to buy! Costs a fortune! Mindboggling really… let’s be honest here, the changes are not really anything groundbreaking. I hope you guys think twice and thrice before you go and buy the iPhone 7, ask yourself if you really NEED the phone. Don’t buy it because it’s the latest thing to have – of course – if you can afford it and have plenty of rupees stocked up then feel free.

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