Did The Construction Of Hilton Hotel Cause The Naxal Sinkhole?

Well well well! A large sinkhole took everyone by surprise in the busy streets of Naxal and according to a report by Republica newspaper, it is believed that the sinkhole appeared after “excessive digging for the construction of Hotel Hilton”.

The Hilton Hotel is currently being constructed with joint investment from Hilton Worldwide and Jagdamba Hospitality Group. Locals living in the community aren’t too happy about the construction fearing for the safety of their property. What a time!! Hopefully there won’t be any devastation.

In November 2016, a large sinkhole caused havoc in a busy road in Japan, stretching 30 metres wide and 15 metres deep. Fortunately, the authorities worked around the clock and the busy road was back in use after just one week!

Let’s hope a speedy recovery for the road in Naxal – and to those constructing properties – play/work safe people!

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