Nischal Basnet Turns Into Item Boy For KALE DAI!

LOOT 2 director Nischal Basnet is clearly unstoppable! The director who can act and sing, has now taken a step further to show off some serious moves as an “item boy” in the song KALE DAI alongside the sexy Mala Limbu for the upcoming film PARVA! Sharing the video on his Facebook, director Basnet wrote “item buoy nai po banincha ki kya ho”. I’m here for it!!

It would be unfair to not talk about Mala Limbu here. Nischal’s dance partner in KALE DAI, actress Mala Limbu totally captivated me with her swaying hips and those gorgeous eyes. The film PARVA is being directed by Dinesh Raut (Classic) and will star Namrataa Shrestha, Koshish Chhetri, Mala Limbu and more.

In case you missed out on reading the credits – the song KALE DAI has been sung by Nischal Basnet and Meena Niraula!

Damn Nischal Basnet. Tyalent.

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