You Will Definitely TAG Someone On Facebook After Listening To This Song

“Accept gara dil ma, TAG nagara, Timi fake ID banayera, ryag nagara” Don’t judge me but this song is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! It is SO real! However corny it may be, the lyrics speak for every one of us who have been victims of irrelevant tags on Facebook. You see that notification pop up only to see that you’ve been tagged on some event/party poster or tagged on a friends new video!

Thankfully, singers Bhupu Pandey and Sangita Thapa know this problem is very well real and is faced by millions of users everyday! And BOOM – we have a song – “Accept Gara (JPT Mero Wall Ma Tag Nagara)”. Damn. I am just laughing out loud, loving as well as cringing. This is unreal. The very bubbly and cute Alisha Rai stars in the video! Those guys “D-Inxectz Crew” are really good dancers by the way!

I dare you guys to TAG Alisha Rai on the comment section on Facebook wherever you see this song/post! Lol.

PS. Can someone provide the lyrics? I think I need to replace deep Instagram captions with lyrics from this game-changing song. #lol

“timi JPT mero wall ma tyagg nagara”

“free wifi chalai baschau, chimeki ko gharma”

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Lex Limbu
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