French Director Fabien Lemaire Captures Shuklaphanta Like Never Before!

The trailer of “Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal” by French director Fabien Lemaire will seriously make you want to pack your bag and get on the next night bus to the far-west right away! Lemaire has captured the protected area which is home to the Bengal tiger, leopards, sloth bears, deers, wild elephants and rhinos like we have never seen before! The trailer is a beauty!

The wildlife and environment documentary will be shown on Ushuaia TV on 14th of February, 2017 from 8.40PM in France. The documentary also made the official selection for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York 2017. Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal tells the story of how the people live in balance with nature whilst cherishing and protecting the wildlife that surrounds them.

I have no idea when I’ll see it but I really hope it makes its way to London somehow! Looks incredible! Must add Shuklaphanta on my travel list now. Been SO close yet we didn’t have time to drop by! Shucks. I hope this trailer encourages people to visit this national park/wildlife reserve.

PS. I’ve seen the website state that Shuklaphanta is the first national park in Nepal, however I believe the first national park is actually Chitwan National Park.

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