PURANO DUNGA Screenings in Nuneaton Blandford And Reading!

There seems to be no slowing down for the Ram Babu Gurung film PURANO DUNGA as it announces further screenings in Nuneaton, Blandford Garrison and Reading. The film which tells the tale of two brothers starring Dayahang Rai and Maotse Gurung has been screening in the cinemas across the UK since the first weekend of January. Purano Dunga will be screened at the ODEON Nuneaton on Sunday 29th January at 12.45PM.

The film is also being screened at the cinema inside Blandford Garrison Camp in the South of England on Saturday 28th January from 6PM onwards. This screening will most probably be attended by Gurkhas and their families. For the community in Reading, the film will be screened at an event hall on the 4th of February!

Amazing run! Great job with the distribution International Nepalese Film Academy UK!

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