Nepalese Ukranian Actress Amrita Acharia On ITV’s The Good Karma Hospital

Totally surprised!! I was busy with my dalbhat when I saw that a new show was on ITV. I thought the face was familiar and quickly did a google of ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ only to realise that the main character is the Nepalese Ukrainian actress Amrita Acharia! Those of you who follow Game of Thrones will probably know her from the popular series.

Acharia plays the lead role in the medical drama which is set in South India (they filmed it in Sri Lanka though – lolz). I mean… I’d do anything to be somewhere warm, green and bright right now. It’s not all fun and games as episode one has already revealed the difficulty of being the new doc and understanding a society different to the UK. That part when a new mother says something along the lines of “all babies are beautiful but not all are equal”. That was gold!

The twenty six year old actress was born in Nepal and grew up in Ukraine, England and Norway. She’s currently based in London. You can read more about Amrita, her background and her work on her interview with the INDEPENDENT.

SUNDAY AT 9PM ON ITV! Catch Amrita as Ruby!

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