LISTEN: GIRISH – Be What You Wanna Be

Serial vlogger GIRISH KHATIWADA‘s latest video upload definitely had my attention. With a photo of Mira Rai, Anuradha Koirala and Priyanka Karki on the thumbnail supported by the title ‘Be What You Wanna Be’, I was sure to click the Play button. The latest video by Girish shares the message the girls and woman can do whatever they want to do, whether you want to be at the office or be at home, it’s your call!

I like the part “timi je ni huna sakchau, yo sansar jitnu sakchau, matra euta kura phera, timi timi bhayi hera”. The lyrics are by Gunjan Khanal aka ‘Aksar’. Girish’s son Aarohan also turned one recently! Of course, you’ll know all of this if you’re subscribed to his YouTube channel where you can get a nice peek into the life of one of Nepal’s well known rapper.

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