Shristi, Dayahang, Nischal And Saugat Signs With Partynepal Talent Management Agency

Party Nepal‘s latest venture Partynepal Talent Management has just signed up actors Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Shristi Shrestha and director Nischal Basnet. As the Nepalese cinema and arts industry grows, figures from the industry have repeatedly spoke about the need to professionalise meetings and communication with different actors from the media, corporate companies, producers and the fan following. PTM Agency hopes to deliver just that with their team of marketing, finance and legal experts.

I definitely believe this is a positive step. Hopefully we’ll read less about stars not receiving their full agreed amount for a film/project. Likewise, this should make it more convenient for individuals to reach out to celebrities as I know that for many – they’re clueless as to how to go about establishing that first contact. The industry will only grow and it’s important that agencies such as PTM bring on-board new actors/models so they can play an instrumental role in guiding them. Hopefully this will also lessen chances of work exploitation and I’m not just talking about casting couch but making sure that the artists receive what they ought to for their work.

The launch and official signing event was attended by Dayahang Rai, Shristi Shrestha, Nischal Basnet and founder Shree Gurung. Saugat Malla was not able to attend due to a conflicting schedule. Also spotted at the event  – the yummy mummy Malvika Subba, everyones favourite Niti Shah and the all-rounder Anil Keshary Shah.

Founder Shree Gurung with Mega Bank’s Anil Keshary Shah. PHOTO: UDDI BABA

The All In on Woman – Malvika Subba. PHOTO: UDDI BABA

The Pretty Niti Shah. PHOTO: UDDI BABA

Shree Gurung talks to the media about PTM Agency. PHOTO: UDDI BABA

Launch and Signing Event. PHOTO: UDDI BABA

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