Hemant Rana’s SAILI Tells The Story Of Millions Of Nepalese

Once in a while you come across a work of art that leaves you numb. Hemant Rana’s latest song ‘SAILI’ is a story shared by millions of Nepalese separated by distance as they embark on a journey to provide the best for their families. With music by Kali Prasad Baskota, the song is a beautiful tear-jerker which reminds you of a loved one far away. The song has received a spectacular music video treatment with two of Nepali cinemas finest actors Menuka Pradhan and Gaurav Pahari. The video adds a lot to the song and that is why it has racked up over 1 Million views already!

Time and again, I read news, I read stories, I talk to people and today watching this video and hearing the lyrics… I am reminded of the very question that I often ask, “what does it mean to be a Nepali?”.

I share this post and dedicate it to the millions of Nepali daju bhai, didi bahinis all over the world.

This song and video deserves everything! What an incredible job that Hemant Rana has done as a director with Saili. Hats off to his amazing talent.

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