“TASTING NEPAL” Nepali Food Festival Soon In Sydney!

If you love Nepali food and live in Sydney then the upcoming TASTING NEPAL NEPALI FOOD FESTIVAL is the perfect event for you! Two Tables Australia will be celebrating the best of Nepali food and culture at the Belmore Park in Sydney on 8th of April. From momos, sukuti to dal-bhat, make sure you come on an empty stomach to taste the food from the Himalayas for this one-day food fiesta!

On the day there will be more than a dozen Nepalese restaurant stalls, each competing with exciting presentations, styles and offer! Whilst the entry is free, the food and drinks will set you back a few dollars. If you’re a fan of BAJE KO SEKUWA then this is the event to be!! If you’ve never tried it then get ready to be their fan. There’ll also be opportunities for you to watch the chefs cook up a storm in front of your very eyes!

A Nepali food festival is never complete without a momo eating competition! Make sure you start practising at home now. The event comes with many prizes and food vouchers with ONE winner receiving the ultimate prize – A GOURMET GETAWAY TO NEPAL!

Okayyy somebody definitely ought to go there with a mission to win that gourmet getaway to Nepal! I love the idea!

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