Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Watch This Music Video!

“RATO RATO KHURSANI PIRO CHA, CHHETRI KO CHORO HERO CHA”, that is indeed the lines from the song Rato Rato Khursani Piro Cha song by Durgesh Thapa. Thapa’s song is EVERYTHING and can either make or break your day! For me, it’s giving me LIFE right now. Even minus the lyrics, the VIDEO really serves! Where do I even start?

The video has over 610,000 views to an astounding 2600+ Likes! He clearly has a big following. I mean, he is pretty good looking I think. Well atleast in this video. He even raps for a bit… but I have to say the dancing is better than the rapping. His rap at around 1:00 mark goes “mero dil ko plane, timro dil ma land”. Now that’s just iconic. This man certainly knows what love is.

“Naam Mero Durgesh Kaam Mero Nachne”. Loool. This song is really delivering! Now I need a moment of silence because the photo I am about to share needs to be seen in silence. I really don’t know where to look, that airbrushed six-pack or those curves? My good lord! This video needs to bring home the titles not only for choreography, storyline but also effects!

Durgesh signs off on a super positive note saying “Hello Everybody, I’m Durgesh Thapa, Love you all”. Ahh Durgesh, we love you too and we need a Part 2 because this video really brightened up my day.

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Lex Limbu
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