Food tops the list of things that most people miss about Nepal and the delectable Sukuti perhaps comes right on top simply because it is such a restricted item for health and safety reasons. To be fair while there are many Nepalese eateries that cater to our unique palate including Sukuti, I have to admit nothing beats the good old-fashioned love-laced home cooked one prepared by yourself or by someone in your family.


Bringing SUKUTI (dry meat) has always been a risky business. Whilst some have a smooth entry into one of UK’s many international airports, countless have shared experiences of having sniffer dogs raid their baggage and having to explain to the officers about the meat item in possession. A new online store by the name of JOMSOM ensures that sukuti lovers need not go through the hassle again. The online store aims to bring the best of Nepali traditions, flavours and palate!



Unsurprisingly, the standout product on JOMSOM are the Buffalo Sukuti which you can get in various sizes from 170g, 500g to a 2kg pack costing £4.25, £12.50 and £49.95 (UK Pounds). JOMSOM SUKUTI is made in Europe, with 100% European buffalo making it more juicier and tender than the Asian variety that we’ve tasted. The product meets the required UK/EU health and safety laws. Even at it’s early stages, JOMSOM online store currently stocks Dalla (Dalle) Masala Pickle, Dalla (Dalle) Tama Pickle, Wai Wai Noodles, Rara Noodles, Shin Ramyun, White Rabbit, Kimchi Ramyun and Shrimp Crackers. They will soon have the Ready to Eat “Buffalo Jerky” snack! Can’t wait for that!



The website hopes to cater to a range of shoppers from those with a busy lifestyle in the city to families and singletons living in smaller towns. JOMSOM also offers attractive deals for restaurants. With an efficient and clear desktop and mobile version, JOMSOM offers an attractive ‘BUY NOW, PAY LATER’ option for shoppers in the UK! Deliveries on orders over £40 receive a free UK delivery and the company also offers a fast (faster than most) delivery service to Europe taking up to 3-4 days. The company hopes to add more products in the near future and welcomes entrepreneurs to use the platform to sell their products.

Stay tuned! I will receive my JOMSOM SUKUTIs very soon and I’ll go on Instagram and cook up a storm (well someone will help me). Can’t wait to taste Jomsom Sukutis!

Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Jomsom Ltd. #Sponsored #Ads

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