CHAKKA PANJA 2 By The End Of 2017!

Nepali film CHAKKA PANJA did outstanding in the cinemas in 2016 so it comes as no surprise that actor Deepak Raj Giri has announced the sequel to the hit film. CHAKKA PANJA 2 will see the original cast coming back together once again to raise social issues and have cinegoers laughing their heart out. The story of CHAKKA PANJA revolved around a small village where many men migrated abroad for work leaving many women behind. The comedy film was very tongue-in-cheek about society, extra-marital affairs and betrayal.

CHAKKA PANJA 2 will be directed by Deepa Shree Niraula. Actor Deepak Raj Giri has stated that they’ve listened to the feedback of the audiences and are hoping to work on that in the sequel. You can expect CHAKKA PANJA 2 sometime in October-November period.

How exciting! It’s mind-boggling to watch Nepali films and to actually see which ones are gaining commercial success and which ones disappear without a trace. CHAKKA PANJA is quite a watch! Very local comedy.

Over 8 Million views on CHAKKA PANJA (FULL MOVIE) already! Watch below if you fancy.

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