What Destination Will Be The Mustang Of 2017?

The general agreement was that 2016 was the year of Mustang in terms of travel. The picturesque terrain which has been highly popularised through music videos and many Nepali films (and quite a few Anmol KC films) is super accessible thanks to the road that goes all the way to Jomsom so it came as no surprise that Nepalis in thousands flocked to Jomsom, Kagbeni, Muktinath and beyond for a spot of trekking and exploration.

Social media was rife with memes making fun of everybody visiting Mustang but Hey! I think it’s pretty cool that so many people are travelling, getting out and about. It’s Mustang now and I hope the next Mustang is Bardia National Park, Janakpur, Kanchhanjunga, Namche, Shuklaphanta, Kakani and so on. As we travel, see, explore and experience, I hope we are equally mindful about the people we meet and the communities that we come across. Nepal Tourism Board declared the year 2073 as the GhumPhir Barsha so it’s actually great to see so many people doing all this ghumgham, by themselves.

On that note, below is a video of Rajiv during his week long trip to Mustang! Keep travelling and sharing folks.

PS. A lot of people have uploaded photos from Kakani and Chandragiri Hills… could they be the destination of 2017? lolz.

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