The New Jagatpur Lodge Looks Stunning!

I am in love with these lush safari tents! Forget Kenya, this is the brand new Jagatpur Lodge in Chitwan National Park. The new luxury property has tents that look like they’re straight out from the brochures of African safaris. Each tents feature an attached bathroom, wifi to a private balcony looking out into the Chitwan National Park. The new lodge which is part of the Annapurna Group of Hotels consists of seven luxury tents and twenty deluxe rooms.

Unsurprisingly a stay at the lodge does not come cheap with the luxury tents priced at $525 USD per person. Looks surreal, especially the luxury tents. The property has been designed by Alex Shrestha / Wonaw & Associates. It’s pretty amazing to see all these luxury properties in Chitwan. Let’s just hope that the wildlife experience for visitors is equally incredible too.

PHOTO: Jagatpur Lodge, Chitwan

PHOTO: Jagatpur Lodge, Chitwan

PHOTO: Jagatpur Lodge, Chitwan

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