From Jumla To Germany: Dhan Shroeter’s Brief Story

His birth family heritage may trace back to Jumla but it is Kathmandu and Germany where Dhan Shroeter experienced and explored childhood and becoming an adult. Schroeter who was adopted to Germany at the age of ten was kept in touch with his Nepali heritage from early on. His mothers mission to build a school and an orphanage for the Dalit children provided Dhan with ample opportunities to keep his Nepali roots and tongue. Back in Germany, Dhan manages a translation company in Munich where he helps Nepalese students and incoming refugees. Shroeter believes in being the bridge to connect people and communities whether it be through sports, fashion or enterprise.

Dhan is currently in Nepal for the official house handover program to the earthquake victims. The construction work saw volunteers build 30 houses using earthbag technology to provide homes for residents of Mulabari, Nuwakot. The project led by German organisation Carisimo will have the legendary duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya ‘Maha Jodi’ as well as senior journalist Purushuttam Dahal.

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