Yak Ru’s High Altitude Mountain Biking Video Will Take You To The Edge!

There are times when I’m on a bicycle, going up a hill and I feel that it might be better just to leave the bike and walk the distance. On the other hand, here’s the Yak Ru‘s high altitude enduro mountain bike race video which puts many of us to shame. I guess we’ll have to leave mountain biking to the professionals and those with many years of experience. Or let’s say, those with many steep paths, rocky journeys under their belt. After all, it is the World’s Highest Enduro!

Yak Ru High Altitude Enduro Mountain Biking Race from NepalSutra on Vimeo.

The Yak Ru race combines racing, adventure and exploration. The three minute video is a perfect example of that. Did you guys find the song pretty catchy? I definitely dig it! Props to Rohit John Chettri. Loved how the lyrics matched the videos.

The enduro mountain biking race takes place this year in October between 7-17 and you can find all the details on yakru.com

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