Talking Sexual Health With MERO LAGI APP!

Talking about sex might be easy for some but when it comes to talking about sexual health, then this might be a tricky area which many would want to avoid. Hoping to answer those tricky and nerve-wracking questions is the app MERO LAGI (FOR ME). The recently launched app for Android phones hopes to answer all your questions on sexual and reproductive health.

It’s not all just questions – the app is loaded with a quiz section, a story tab and a myth or fact section to really test your knowledge. From learning about menstruation, sexual transmitted infections to a maturing body, Mero Lagi aims to be the app to answer those critical questions. The app has been developed by a team of medical and public health experts from Public Health Concern Trust – Nepal with approval from NHEICC (National Health Education Information and Communication Center), a government body that approves all health related communication material.

If you have something that’s bugging you and you need to ask then give Mero Lagi a try! If you do not have access to an Android phone then find someone who you can trust and feel comfortable with and ask him or her. Don’t keep your problem or questions to yourself.



PS. I just realised that the animation image of the guy o n the top has a hairstyle similar to mine. Lol

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