WATCH: This New Ad Will Leave You Guessing What It’s For

It literally took me four guesses to figure out what this advertisement for. At first I thought it was for a gym and then I thought – ahh lingerie ad but then the scene progressed and I was like aah it’s for lights (the model had lights around her dress haha) and then I thought okay maybe something adventurous or a bike… but then it was for beer! Aha! The guessing part was fun. The models Surya Thapa and Sushil Shrestha look STUNNING in this ad. They are so HOT together! Somebody sign them up for a film or a music video ASAP! The ad by Vishal Kharat has been produced by Sugar Films Production.

Well I loved it! Probably love the models more! I had never come across Surya Thapa, she’s a hotty alright! As always Sushil Shrestha looks incredible. Back to the subject – lemme know how the beer tastes, lol.

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Lex Limbu
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