Almoda Rana And Robin And The New Revolution Arrive In London!

Musicians for The Signaturee’s Nepalese New Year Event on Saturday, Almoda Rana Uprety and Robin And The New Revolution touched down in London this morning. The singers will be performing the New Year gig at the Electric in Brixton, London on Saturday evening. The big night will also have UK’s Daju Bhai Inc and English Weather opening the show.

The gig on Saturday will be a first for the Funtastic singer, Almoda Rana Uprety. The event will be followed by an after party with DJ’s DJ BICKEY, DJ PHAT, DJ CVA and DJ SKAZI. During the earlier part of the night, for the live music, your hosts for the evening will be Rebina Rai and myself.

It should be a good night! Make sure you grab your tickets!

Almoda’s Big HIT “FUNTASTIC”


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