Explore Gadgets’ Prabhat Yadav On FORBES 30 Under 30

Massive news today! The founder of the YouTube channel EXPLORE GADGETS, Prabhat Yadav has landed on Forbes 30 Under 30 ‘Media, Marketing and Advertising’ list. Yadav started Explore Gadgets back in 2012 from Nepal, a channel which he and his team use to introduce, review and share about tech and gadgets, apps and games, leaks, how-to’s and so on. The YouTube channel which has also received a Silver Play button, for channels that cross over 100,000 subscribers currently has over 400,000 subscribers.

Yadav’s team consists of Sohil Shrestha, Saphal Adhikari, Ayush Bista, Samman Bista and Binod Gautam. All together, Explore Gadgets has over 81 Million views on YouTube.

Congratulations to Prabhat and the entire team who now make up EXPLORE GADGETS! Incredible feat!


Watch their most viewed video below!

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