RAKURA Tea Adds New Flavours!

RAKURA has breathed a new air of life with the introduction of RAKURA Tea 2.0! Tea addicts will be delighted to know that RAKURA has added eight new varieties to its Rakura Family. If you’re wondering where the name Rakura comes from then you might be interested to know that it actually comes from founder Ram Kumar Rathi. Pretty fitting!


Organic Green Tea. Organic Light Green Tea. Organic Green Tea With Citrus Fruits. Organic Green Tea With Chamomille. Organic Green Tea With Peppermint. Organic Green Tea With Peace. Organic Earl Grey. Himalayan English Breakfast Tea. 

The company has continuously worked to change the face of Nepalese tea at home and away while creating sustainability for farmers and the industry. Rakura Tea comes from the tea estates of Ilam and Jhapa, in Eastern Nepal. The company proudly share their many feats including establishing a climate controlled packaging unit for tea that meet the latest food safety standards, installing packaging technology that Nepal had never seen and having 50% of their team consist of women.

If you’re a green person then you’ll be super pleased to learn that the packaging of the tea is eco-friendly and widely biodegradable! Now that should make this a guilt-free tea experience. Each tea box contains 25 tea bags with the price ranging from NRS 100 – 150. You should be able to find the new RAKURA 2.0 tea in majority of the leading supermarkets in Kathmandu.

PS. Rakura operates under the name MALOOM TEA outside of Nepal. So if you’re a tea expert and like to really trace your tea, then you might want to bookmark that.

Disclosure: This is a promotional post written with the intent to advertise Rakura Tea. #Sponsored #Ads

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