Will Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s 21 Year Old Ranju Darshana Be Kathmandu’s Next Mayor?

Opinions have been hugely divided over Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s announcement of twenty-one year old Ranju Darshana to run for the Mayor of Kathmandu in the upcoming local level elections. The elections which take place on May 14 has once again gripped the country with all things politics. Darshana who is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Development Studies will reportedly be the youngest candidate in Nepal’s election history according to the party.

I believe that the people have given opportunities to so many politicians in the past with many failing to deliver their promises. Till this day, men who look frail and fragile continue to make decisions about the citizens of Nepal. Especially when they themselves are in ill health. I can sense a section of society at unease with the age of Ranjana, deeming her to be too young. However, young minds can have great ideas and drive – especially – the ones right now who are aware of their local problems but also understand the global world. I look forward to reading more about the local elections and I would be pleased to see more young people like Ranju Darshana vying for different positions, with the support of a strong effective political party.

What do you think? But before you THINK – why don’t you read Ranju and her teams manifesto (short) here – click here, or read the big vision – click here.

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  1. … although there have been Mayors much younger than her in other parts of the world I still think that she is too young and does lack significant real life experiences [i.e., a job/employment/occupation etc] required for the Mayorship of such a dense and diverse cosmopolitan with issues beyond imagination! I guess the party did not expect her to win, else they would have at least selected her for the post of the Deputy Mayor which is allocated to Female candidates. I wish her best!!

  2. Why not have a proper candidate? Frankly she is a joke. Bibeksheel is trying to be progressive but she’s just not good enough. Good initiative from Bibeksheel but it will be useless and a waste of opportunity for the party. They should have put forth a proper candidate for citizens who are tired of the same old parties and the same old politics. I cannot take Bibeksheel seriously as they have blown their one chance of fighting in this election. Shame of Bibeksheel. You blew it. Your progressive ideas have blinded you on the reality of Nepal. I suggest you to pull her out and put forth a proper candidate, someone who can actually put up a fight and someone people can take seriously.

    • “Concerned Citizen” is not taking Bibeksheel- Ranju seriously as should have. If so please put forward your old mighty candidate then. Believe and Support is what they need. We have tried and failed in all junctures with the so called “qualified-mature” personnel. So, if a question is to be raised as “What-if” then why not say what if Bibeksheel can do it….
      ”Let your successors try and you back them up” – Win any battle.

  3. exactly my point “eatin”. bibeksheel should put out a proper candidate…not her. she is not a proper candidate. don’t fool yourself. do you actually believe she is gonna win? of course not. if bibeksheel had put out a proper candidate, then they would have a chance. she will lose horribly and it will be a waste of a once in a lifetime opportunity for bibeksheel. after this election no one will take the party seriously. this whole thing is just a media stunt for them.

  4. I support the candidacy of Ranju wholeheartedly. In this modern era knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips, in every little device we hold. Information is the least of the worries, it’s the intentions that matter. We are sending silly shockwaves through our demented politicians everyday, why not choose a fresh idealistic mind. I believe in the power of the youth. It is the youth who is our Gurkhas, our Sherpas and they have done a world class job. It is the youth that should be our leaders as well.

  5. To motivate youth is inspring but she is too young to deliver all of these bibeksheel party agenda. although it seems that time have come to built new democratic party in the option of main stream party. energetic , dynamic and having new idea who can lead the country specialy youth should come to poltics throw away all of these rotten and currupted poltician.all the best bibesksheel party. i also want to join bibeksheel party with responsibilty what is procedure? thanks.

  6. You guys are the reason why Nepal is underdeveloped. Too idealistic and incapable of thinking for yourselves. Sheep.

  7. You guys are the reason why Nepal is underdeveloped. Too idealistic and incapable of thinking for yourselves. Sheep.

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