Budget Hotel Chain easyHotel Opening In Kathmandu

With the tourist arrivals picking up from 2016, this year is on target to be even better. It comes as no surprise that many are regaining their confidence in Nepal’s tourism industry. The budget hotel chain easyHotel is expected to branch out to Nepal by the end of 2018. The London based hotel chain is perfect for those who simply need a room to crash and are not concerned over luxury room amenities. It’s ideal for budget travellers and even backpackers. The entry of easyHotel in Nepal will definitely add more on the list for those travelling on a budget as well as creating a more competitive environment for hotels in that category.

The Incentive Group of Companies Nepal will be in charge of constructing the first easyHotel property in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. The first hotel is expected to have 100 rooms. The group have plans to add 200 rooms in the future, possibly in different parts of the country.

easyHotel – Liverpool (UK)

The positive = for those who like familiarity, this is a bonus! You know what to expect, which is to not expect a lot. It’ll be cheap and cheerful.

The negative = with more chain hotels in Nepal, Kathmandu will be like every other city. The chain hotels, chain shops (more in the future I believe), fast-food chain restaurants… it’ll all start to get the same. Also, we have enough budget range and 1-2 Star hotels and easyHotel is just another name to add on that list.

To conclude – it’s an open world. No option but to embrace this. That’ll make this easy. 😉

PS. When do we get easyJet in Nepal now? lol

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