Tiger Tops Elephant Camp On National Geographic’s “10 Amazing Luxury Camping Adventure”

Chitwan’s Tiger Tops Elephant Camp has made it on the National Geographic’s “10 Amazing Luxury Camping Adventures” list. The headline which begins with “Don’t Call It Glamping”, features an exclusive selection of properties around the world where you are in the midst of wilderness, nature and savanna whilst also being in the lap of luxury with beautiful rooms and services that compete alongside star-rated hotels.

Tiger Tops Elephant Camp in Chitwan is the first privately owned company to replace elephant riding in the country, offering activities that provide the traveller of intimate experience with the beautiful elephants and opportunities to learn about their lifestyle. The ‘glamping’ (Glamorous Camping) experience at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp consists of six fully equipped safari tents with running electricity and attached bathroom. The camp has eleven elephants located onsite with activities offering a close encounter with many endangered animals that call Chitwan National Park its home.

[Elephants Go Chain Free At Tiger Tops Elephant Camp]

PHOTOS: Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

PHOTOS: Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

PHOTOS: Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

PHOTOS: Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

Tiger Tops Elephant Camp looks splendid! Love how responsible they are as a group.

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